Fonnafly was founded in Rosendal, Hardanger, on November 6th 1970, as a seaplane operator.

Business idea was to serve the expanding tourist market at Hardangervidda and during the years we became at one stage one of Norway’s largest charter/taxi operators.

In April 2004 it all changed! Fonnafly was approved as a licensed helicopter operator and started helicopter operations in Bergen, operating two R44, offering charter, sling load and taxi services.

Fonnafly’s head office is based in Norway. The founder of Fonnafly, Mr. Jon-Ove Velure, can be seen on the left on the photo above.

Today Fonnafly operates 15 helicopters from 6 different bases in Southern Norway and 1 in Gibraltar.

In Gibraltar our main market is tourism, charter and taxi with a potential to expand our services to include long-line operations to the shipping industry.

In Norway we are based in Stryn, Voss, Bergen, Sand (outside Stavanger), Kjevik (Kristiansand) and Sandefjord Torp (1,5 hrs drive from Oslo). Our strategic locations is an advantage for our customers who will experience outstanding flexibility, short respond time including our well known service. Our pilots are highly skilled and they all have long experience operating in a tough environment and at times under extreme weather conditions.

We offer all type of helicopter services including, but not limited to, long-line operations, mast mounting, survey and surveillance, hoist-operations, taxi, charter and last but not least, organized sightseeing tours.

Our fleet consists of 2 R44, 2 EC120, 8 AS350/H125, 2 EC130 and 1 AW109.

Our customers represents all different industries, with focus on Entrepreneur, Energy and Tourism.

Fonnafly is currently owned by Mr. Jon Ove Velure, and employs 45 staff. Our focus and success so far is thanks to everyone’s skills, focus and enthusiasm to succeed.

We will continue on this path!