“The Rock” tour

“The Rock” tour

“The Rock” tour

For the first  time you now have the chance to view this famous landmark from our Gibraltar helicopter sightseeing tour operation  located at the Airport.

The Rock – A World wide icon

The Rock  – A first class helicopter tour that takes you around Gibraltar’s no. 1  attraction.  Probably one of the best value helicopter tours in the world.  This is a  “bucket list”  experience.
Helicopter tour starts from the airport by the border. Gibraltar is only little over 2 square miles, However, with 30,000 inhabitants its a densly populated area. Tourists from around the world visit the Rock.

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Take the “Selfie” of the year

Not many has ever seen the beauty of viewing the  Rock from the Air.  A totally stunning experience and a memory for life. See it all from an angle never seen by tourists and send your friends the Selfie of the year.

Learn about the unique wind situation over by the sloping shape on one side, and the steep wall on the other side. View the airport made of material from the Rock, Africa, Morocco and the other column of Hercules. Not to forget the engineering art of the previous freshwater collection installations on the north west wall side of the Rock. On the route back to the airport you also see the holes for cannons built into the rock itself for defense purposes in old times.


A minimum booking of 4 passengers is required before your booking is confirmed. 

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